Yard & Garden


What’s more enjoyable than the feel of soft cool grass under your feet? Turfgrass provides many benefits to our lives and environment, from its cooling effect during the summer heat, providing a comfortable and safe place for activities and exercise, protecting and conserving our precious soil and water, and is aesthetically soothing. Proper variety selection, fertilization, and irrigation are the keys to a healthy and long-lasting turf.

Trees & Shrubs

How often do we find ourselves in awe of a majestic decades or even century-old tree? We benefit from trees in many ways, their physical comfort and the peace of mind they bring us, whether lying below them or swinging from them. Trees and shrubs benefit not only our personal landscapes but our community, environment, and future generations that will find themselves staring in awe at what has been left behind for them to enjoy.

Proper care and management, including irrigation, fertilization, and pruning, are key to the longevity of your trees and shrubs. Selecting varieties best suited for your climate and soil type and proper planting will help protect your investment.

Valencia County CES

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