Horse, Livestock, & Rodeo

Image of Horse
4-H Member at Horse School

Horse Project Information

Original Horse Certificates with required signatures are due from 4-H members enrolled in any of the 4-H Horse Projects by Mid-April each year.

Horse Certificates are required to compete in any 4-H Horse Shows. The original, signed certificate will be returned to the 4-H member.

  • NM 4-H Horse School
    The New Mexico 4-H Horse School provides New Mexico youth, parents, and adult leaders with useful information and skill development related to horses and horsemanship.

Livestock Projects Information

We have some equipment: clippers, stands, blowers, etc., that may be available for 4-H'ers to check out and use. For more information on using the equipment with your project animals, call the Extension Office at 505-565-3002, at least 48-hours prior to needing the equipment. Be prepared to leave a $100 deposit and to return borrowed items within 24-48 hours.

4-H Livestock Scales
4-H'ers wishing to have their livestock project animals weighed need to call the Extension Office to discuss options to weigh animals. Scales not available.

Valencia County 4-H Livestock Exhibition Options

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4-H Rodeo Information

4-H'ers must be enrolled in a Rodeo Project in order to compete in 4-H Rodeos. Rodeo First-Aid Training is required before Rodeo Cards are issued.